Tom Esser M.Sc.
Osteopath D.O. M.R.O.
Alternative Practitioner
Britischer Osteopath GOC
Member of VOD/AAO/GOC

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Tom Esser


Born on 26.12.1975 in Potsdam
In 1996
I took my diploma at the sports oriented gymnasium in Potsdam and started to study sports With main focus on prevention and rehabilitation.
During this time I worked as a back and health trainer at various sports Institutions.

After having made my own good experiences with osteopathic treatments, I was So inspired by the possibilies of osteopathy, that I started to occupy myself with osteopathy after having finished my sports studies. I studied extra-occupationally at the Institute of Applied Osteopathy in Berlin and successfully completed my studies in May 2006 according to the guiedelines of BAO.

I made my license as a naturepath in Stralsund. I attended many postgraduate courses with Tom Esser M.Sc. in Fluid Osteopathy and Children Osteopathy.